myFresha-licious: Tahong and Pork Lumpia

Tahong and Pork Lumpia

I’ve noticed that my recipe on lumpia shanghai (Lumpiang Shanghai ) got lots of hits for the past days.  So I decided to share another lumpia recipe which was an experimental recipe of a friend of mine,Marco (Airene’s husband).  What I will be writing is my version of his recipe, because unlike him, I settle with mixing a few seasoning while he uses a lot most of the time and tends to forget what seasoning he had used, well most of the time :D.

When we first experimented on this recipe, we used the siomai wrapper which gave a lumpia that has an oily and soggy skin and a toasted filling.  Trial and error with different wrappers would lead you to finding the best spring roll wrapper.  We are currently using the Tee Yih Jia brand called “Spring Home Spring Roll Pastry”  which are widely available in most supermarkets here in Singapore.

Here’s the recipe. Enjoy this another lumpia variation.


spring roll wrappers – I prefer using the 4″x4″ wrapper

ground pork    – 500 grams

Ground pork fat – 250 grams

Tahong (de-shelled) – 250 grams

Bell Pepper, chopped  –  medium size

onion, chopped – 2 large

garlic, chopped – 12 cloves or more

ground pepper

Oyster sauce – 3 tbsp

sprite  –  10 tbsp

Salt to tast

Cooking Procedure :

1) Clean and chop the Tahong.

2) Mix the chopped tahong with all the rest of the ingredients except for the wrapper. Let it stand for at least 30 minutes

2)      Place a tablespoonful, or lesser, of pork filling on a wrapper. Wrap and roll and make sure to close both ends tightly so that it will not open when it is deep-fried.

3)      Heat oil for deep frying.  Fry the lumpia for a few minutes until the wrapper turned golden brown.

To check if the seasoning is just right, fry one roll of lumpia first before making the whole lot.  Taste it and make the necessary adjustment should it be needed

– Sharosem(19February2011)