myFresha-licious: Lumpiang Shanghai

Lumpiang Shanghai

Happy Heart’s day everyone.  My husband Frederick just called me so i’m inspired to write now :-).

Well, this is about my recipe on Lumpiang shanghai.   I love Lumpiang shanghai – that crispy fried wrapped and rolled pork dunked in a bowl of vinegar with garlic and chopped onions.  (That’s it! I’m hungry!  I just had fruits all day!)

I cooked lumpiang shanghai yesterday for lunch.   Ok, maybe it’s a common dish to most Filipinos but not all can cook a good lumpiang shanghai.  Mine is a non-greasy, crispy outside yet juicy inside and of course delicious.  It may be tedious and laborious to do so because I have to individually wrap and roll a spoonful of pork, but it is rewarding anyway.  My sister Kristine and Aba dipped it in mang tomas sarsa while I have mine in vinegar which I sweetened a bit with sugar and comes with lots of chopped onions and garlic.

The secret to a non-oily, crispy outside and juicy inside lumpiang shanghai is in the wrapping and the wrapper of course.  So find the best wrapper (trial and error is a must until you find the right one) and wrap it very well making sure that both ends of the roll were closed.  For those in Singapore,, use spring roll wrapper which are available at NTUC supermarkets and also at Shop & Save.  I tried using the siomai wrappers before and few other wrappers but I ended up having oily and soggy lumpias 🙁

Here’s the recipe and it makes enough for 3-4 people.


spring roll wrappers

ground pork (fat included) – 250 grams

onion, chopped – 1 large

garlic, chopped – 6 cloves

carrot, chopped – 1 medium

ground pepper and salt to taste

know chicken powder – 1 tsp

Cooking Procedure :

1)      Mix all the ingredients except for the wrapper.

2)      Place a tablespoonful, or lesser, of pork filling on the wrapper. Wrap and roll, make sure to close both ends tightly so that it will not open when it is deep-fried.

3)      Heat oil for deep frying.  Fry the lumpia for a few minutes until the wrapper turned golden brown.

To check if the seasoning is just right, fry one roll of lumpia first before making the whole lot.  Taste it and make the necessary adjustment should it be needed

Serve with any sauce of your choice.  Sweet and sour sauce, chili sauce, mang tomas sarsa, etc.  I prefer mine with sugar or honey sweetened vinegar with onions and garlic.

For variation, ground beef, chicken, and even fish can be used to replace the ground pork.

Tip:  the secret to a juicy filling is the presence of a good amount of fat in the ground meat.  Do not use pure lean meat regardless if it’s a beef or a pork.  At least 25% of the ground meat mixture should be fat.