myFresha-licious: Roasted Turkey

Roasted Turkey

I am talking to my husband Frederick , who is in Kinshasha, over yahoo messenger (thank goodness for technologies) while working on this blog.  He promised to give me his pacham  (experimental) recipe of his roasted turkey dish, where he self-declared it to be delicious and flavourful.  He is also bragging that  the turkey he roasted is juicy and moist.  The secret to the latter he claimed is on the proper timing in the roasting of the bird.  It should not be too short as the bird will come out to be half-cooked and bloody and not too long because it will then be dry.

As to flavouring the turkey, usually when marinading chickens/turkeys/ or any other poultry, the flavor will only seep through the surface and will not penetrate the meat part.  According to my gorgeous husband,  the best way to make sure that the flavour will penetrate not only the surface but also the meat part, an injector is needed.  With the use of the injector, the marinade will be injected deep into the meat of the turkey.  This also allows the flavour to be spread throughout the bird.  However, for this roasted turkey he cooked he didn’t use an injector so he is already obliging me to get him a flavor injector.

Frederick haven’t cooked this dish for me yet but he promises that he will once he’s here in Singapore.  I’m writing his recipe down so that he would be able to repeat this dish again.  Knowing him, he has the tendency to not to be able to cook the same dish the second time because he already forgot the recipe.

Here’s the recipe for Frederick’s roasted turkey 🙂 the marinade and the stuffing can also be used for chicken or duck or any other poultry dish.


Turkey  – 1 whole bird

       Ingredients for the marinade :

Pineapple juice

Lemon grass, crushed and finely chopped –  5 stalks

Rum – 4-5 tbsp

Salt and pepper to taste

       Ingredients for the Stuffing:

Lemon grass, crushed  –  3-5 stalks

Carrots, diced  –  1 medium

Onion, thinly sliced – 2 bulbs

Garlic, crushed and chopped – 5 cloves

Salt and pepper to taste

Herbs, either the fresh ones can be used or the dried & ground type:

parsley, thyme , rosemary & oregano

Lemon, thinly sliced – 1 whole

Cooking Procedure:

1) Make sure that the turkey is totally thawed and cleaned with all internal organs removed

2) In a food processor, mix all the ingredients for the marinade.

3) Rub the marinade on the surface  and the insides of the turkey.  To ensure that the flavor will permeate the meat part, make small incission on the turkey then rub the marinade on it.

4) Place the turkey and the remaining marinade in a plastic and marinate it for 24 hours or longer.  Do not place the turkey inside the freezer.  let is sit inside the fridge.

After marinating the turkey for 24 hours …

5) Mix all the ingredients for the stuffing and stuff it inside the turkey.

6) Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees celsius.

7) roast for 2 to 2 i/2 hours for a 4 kilo turkey or until the turkey turned brown.

To check if the turkey is roasted, insert a knife into the turkey, if the juices run clear and if no blood comes out, the turkey is done.