myFresha-licious: Thousand Island Dressing: Easy & Simple

Thousand Island Dressing: Easy & Simple

Before Christmas I came up with a simple recipe for tartar sauce (Home-made Tartar Sauce) which we used for our fried tilapia.  I thought of making one for my veggie salad because I don’t want to use vinaigrette again.  I need something different so I googled any dressings for veggie salad and Thousand island dressing is one of those suggested.  So i tried making one.  My veggie salad is just made up of lettuce, carrots, and cucumber.


Mayonnaise – 1 cup

Banana Ketchup – 1/2 cup

Garlic, chopped – 5 cloves

Onion, chopped – 1 medium bulb

Hard Boild egg, chopped – 2 pieces

Pickle Relish – 1 tbsp

Salt and pepper to taste

Sugar to balance


Mix all ingredients, chill in the refrigerator for an hour before using.

-Sharosem (28December2010)