myFresha-licious: Creamcheese sauce

Creamcheese sauce

I sometimes use this as toppings for baked macaroni.  It’s more expensive though compared to the usual cheese toppings I make but it’s yumminess is all worth it :-)


butter  – 250g

flour    – 200 g

evaporated milk – 1 tall can

water – 1/2 cup

creamcheese  – 250 g (1 box)

cheddar cheese – 125 g (1/2 box)



full cream milk can also be used instead of the evaporated milk.  just take out both the evaporated milk and water and put 4cups of full cream milk instead

Cooking Procedure:

1) make a roux :  melt butter in low fire then add flour and mix until fully blended. take out from fire

2) Cut the creamcheese into small pieces

3) pour in milk on the roux, then add the creamcheese and stir until the creamcheese dissolved.

4) add the remaining ingredients and continuously stir in low fire until it achieves your desired consistency.

Spread on the macaroni.  The sauce will top 2 pans (8×12 inches) of baked macaroni

This can also be use as sauce for macaroni and cheese