myFresha-licious: Going Bananas? Another Diet Program?

Going Bananas? Another Diet Program?

Who wants to go bananas?  Me! Yup, I’ve gone bananas, literally.

Three Fridays ago, a colleague of mine shared a link to me about a diet program that originated in Japan ,

  [8:31:04 AM] saw.lin.yaung:,

my colleague maybe got tired and annoyed seeing a fat woman (that’s me)  🙁 and out of pity he sent me a diet program that might help me reduce weight.

I am talking about the  “Morning Banana”, a yet another diet program (another fad?) that originated and had been a craze in Japan in 2008 but I’m not sure if anyone aside from me is crazy about it up to now.

Well, there are factors I consider before I indulge myself on a diet program:

1)     Convenience   – it doesn’t require a lot of effort and too much time to prepare (effortless preparation and non-time consuming)

2)     Simple –   Easy to follow and it has to easily adopt to my daily lifestyle and routine so that I can keep with it and won’t fall off track

3)     Low maintenance –  It has not to be really really cheap as long as I don’t need to spend a lot.

4) Less restrictions – most fad diets i have read so far have so many restrictions as when and what to eat .  Whenever I am denied of a certain food it makes me crave more for that food.

And since all of the factors are checked for this diet program, I gave it a go.

Here’s the morning diet program.  This can also be googled for a more detailed instruction.  By the way, I don’t intend to make some review or in-depth analysis about this diet program (I’ll do that maybe later on),  I only want to share this program to those who would want to try it.  Who knows, maybe this will be effective for you and me but not to him and her.


1) Eat a banana/s for breakfast – it should be raw, uncooked, and not frozen.  I only eat 2 bananas in the morning, one banana an hour apart , the long type which I don’t know the name. 

2) Drink only water –  cold and warm water is not advisable.  From what I’ve read, tea, coffee, and other non-caloric drinks are allowed.  Good!  For me,  I drink lukewarm water most of the time and I make sure I down at least 3 liters a day.

3) Eat anything for lunch and supper– no restrictions except that desserts are a NO NO.  Fair enough for me as long as I don’t need to trash pork and rice from my lunch.

4) An afternoon snack may be eaten – chocolates, cookies, and other sweets  are encouraged.  Ice cream, fried foods, and chips are not recommended. I’m a chocolate person and I’m not fond of icecreams  and sometimes i don’t have snack in the afternoon, so it’s still an ok for me. But chips? why chips? I love chips!  Do i have to say good bye to pringles, jack en’ jill and frito lay? Let me think about that

5) Sleep early at night and the last meal must be at least 4hours before bedtime.  That can be arranged 🙂

6)  Exercise only if you want to – no wonder this diet program had been a hit specially for those who find walking cumbersome (wahahahaha).  Dang, exercise makes one physically, mentally, and psychologically fit!  try it at least 3 times a week.

I have started on the morning banana diet BUT I haven’t checked my weight yet so I can’t say if it is really effective or not.  Well, I still walk-run-jog for 30-50 minutes everyday.  That didn’t change. My eating habit of high in fat-pork, also didn’t change.

There’s one thing I have noticed since I started eating bananas in the morning that made me decide to continue doing this banana-eating-in-the-morning thing – my poop-ing became regular.  Yes, i haven’t been constipated (which is normal for me) since I started the morning banana diet.  This is good news for me – VERY 🙂

– Sharosem (30October2010)