myFresha-licious: Pininyahang Manok

Pininyahang Manok

What’s for dinner? that’s my daily problem.  Why is that?  Well, I only cook for two, me and my sister Kristine, and both of us also do not know what we want to eat unless we are super duper hungry.  We have the “I eat to live; if we don’t, we die” attitude.  We only think of food when we are hungry – I want burger and caramel sundae! that’s my sister when she’s hungry. I want lechon kawali, or worse I want taba, period.  that’s the hungry me, deliriously craving for taba and nothin else but taba).  Soooo, unhealthy. We have to enjoy food!  I have to enjoy food like my husband Frederick does.

Since we are trying to watch our calorie intake and avoid unwanted cholesterol, I pick chicken for my today’s menu (we still have pork and fish in the freezer and some veggies, and tokwa).  It’s just that, I can’t think of any recipe to go along with it. I have asked some friends for suggestions and also consulted the google (I googled pinoy chicken recipes) the same usual recipes popped out- from tinola, to adobo, afritada, barbecue, fried, grilled etc. Nothing seems to be appetizing for me. Chicken inasal also is one suggestion (I have tried experimenting on it but I was not successful, that’s why I did not post the recipe.  I will try again though, and this time I’ll make sure that I have lemon grass!!!).  One thing I had in mind is chicken teriyaki (I have the recipe in mind already, but I have to thaw the chicken first then marinade it for at least an hour. It will be 12mn when I’d be done, so I will do that next time.) One suggestion that caught me is the chicken Florentine suggested by Tin (Kristine Bernardino) quoting her “masarap yun sis, niluto na ni ate Jackie. Masarap.” At least someone had already tried it so I will try cooking that next time.

When I got home, still undecided on what to do with the chicken, I stumbled upon a canned sliced pineapple while rummaging through our stocks of canned goods. And, uy, I still have that coconut milk, my left over from 3weeks ago inside the fridge and some carrots and potato, with leaves and stalks growing on them, that if I will not cook it yet, we will be growing carrots and potatos in the kitchen.

Pininyahang manok it is!  There, I have decided without consulting my sister who is usually useless when it comes to food suggestions.  She will always blurt out “shrimp or fried anything” when you ask her what she wants to eat for dinner (well that’s better rather than hearing her suggest chips and chocolates and coke- for dinner, at that)

Ingredients :

Chicken cuts      – 8 to 10 pcs

Potatoes, cubed  –  1 to 2 pcs

Carrots, cut into half of the size of the cubed potatoes – 1 pc., medium

Bell pepper – optional

Coconut milk in tetra pack (I used kara) – 50 ml

4 slices of pineapple

Salt and pepper to taste

Soya oil – 2 tbsp

Onion and garlic

Evaporated milk can also be used instead of coconut milk, whichever is available.  I used canned pineapple in sugar syrup. I don’t want to use fresh pineapple as it will give a bitter taste to the dish and it will spoil it easily.  I remember my husband Frederick when he cooked pininyahang manok, he used 1 whole fresh pineapple fruit.  He had chicken cuts and diced fresh pineapple, garlic and onion. That’s just it. He ended up eating all of it 😀 (he was so stubborn not to listen to my cooking suggestions, that’s why)

Cooking Procedure:

1)      Saute the garlic and onion then the chicken,  in oil. Add the potatoe and let it fry for a minute.

2)      Add water, just enough to cover the chicken and the potato, let it boil.

3)      Check if the chicken and potato are half cooked then add the pineapple and the carrots , then the coconut milk and the rest of the ingredients.

4)      Add the salt and pepper to taste

5)      Cook until done.

The sauce will be slightly thick.   If you want a thicker sauce, mash 1 or 2 cubes of potatoes while the dish is boiling.

Next time, I will marinade the chicken in pineapple juice or sprite at least an hour before cooking.  I will add the marinade to the dish instead of just plain water.

I served this with sinangag.

-Sharosem (1Sep2010)