myFresha-licious: Mooncakes in September

Mooncakes in September

Mooncakes are back!!! September is mooncake month 🙂

These  luscious, mouth-watering,  high-in-calorie (a whopping 1000 +++ kcal per piece of 10cm in diameter and 4cm thick - Is that right? not to mention that it’s too high in sugar and cholesterol – deadly but yummy),  heavenly goodies are now mushrooming everywhere around Singapore.  Every restaurants (Chinese or not), bakeries, and even supermarkets have their own ‘signature’ range of mooncakes packed in decorated and sometimes beautifully crafted boxes.

Traditionally, mooncakes are made from golden brown thin-pastry crust that envelopes a  sweet-thick filling commonly made from lotus seed paste that surrounds one or two salted duck eggyolks.  The mooncakes are usually decorated with Chinese characters that is unreadable and alien to me. 

In modern day Chinese world,  a lot of mooncake variants have emerged due to its commercialization, incorporating and infusing different flavors and ingredients and creating different colors and shapes in order to make it even more saleable not only to the Chinese people but to foreigners as well - chocolate mooncakes, ice-cream filled mooncakes, durian filled mooncakes, Italian-french-western mooncakes, minis, heart-shaped and so on and so forth- name it and the next time you visit, it’s already on display.  Prices range from a reasonable price of SG$ 5 for a pack of 4 pcs up to a pricey SG$ 108 for a box of 4.

Goodwood Park Hotel’s D24 Durian Paste in Snowskin Mooncake - 8 piecess per box for SG$56 (taken fr

Häagen-Dazs ice cream-filled mooncake -SG$62 for a box of 5 (taken from

colorful mini mooncakes (taken fr

The Imperial Lacquer Box (SG$108 for 4 pieces of White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolks) – taken from

Having this Chinese pastry around the corner signifies the Mid-autumn Festival that the Chinese usually celebrates every 15th day of the 8th lunar month. That’s on the 22’nd of September of this year if my hearing is right (my colleague lectured me about it yesterday).

mooncake supplied by sundat's suppliers ...


... and more mooncakes (ooops where'd the rest go?)

Ti’s season only comes once every year. So stop counting those calories – have a bite of mooncake!!!

-Sharosem (14September2010)