myFresha-licious: Herbed Chicken Drumstick

Herbed Chicken Drumstick

I am posting my not quite successful, (visual-wise) herbed chicken drumstick.  But I like its taste and it’s moistness . It’s just that the flour I used for the coating gave the crust an unwanted burnt powdery taste and texture.  So I plan to change that next time I make another herbed chicken.

my first herbed chicken drumstick

Below is the original recipe I made with some explanation on how I’d do it next time


chicken drumstick  – 5 pcs.

Salt                         –  2tsp

Water                      – enough to cover the chicken

soya or olive oil

For the coating :

All  purpose flour     –  4 tbsp

Sweet Spanish paprika  – ½ tsp

Sharon’s Herb Blend– 2 tsp

Instead of flour I will use one cup of bread crumbs or 4 tbsp potato starch.

Cooking Procedure:

1)      In a pan, boil the 5 chicken drumsticks in salt and water for about 5 minutes.

2)      Mix the ingredients for the coating

3)      Take out the chicken and remove excess water but do not totally dry the chicken.

4)      Preheat oven to 200-250 deg celsius

5)      Line a baking pan with a wax paper.  Spray or brush the paper with oil.

6)      Dredge the chicken with the coating mixture then arrange them on the lined baking pan.

7)      Spray or drizzle oil over the chicken.

8)      Bake for 15 minutes or until the chicken turned golden brown.  You can also fry the chicken.

– Sharosem (22September2010)