myFresha-licious: My usual "Pasta in white sauce" recipe

My usual "Pasta in white sauce" recipe

A friend of mine (Joan Zablan) sent me an overseas text message (She’s in australia right now) asking me about the recipe of carbonara.  I texted her back “carbonara ba o white sauce na lang? Mag white sauce ka na lang mas madali.  Pag carbonara eh raw egg at yung init lang ng noodles ang luluto sa egg.”   I think she got my point “mahirap pag carbonara, iba na lang” 😀 coz she texted back “sige white sauce na lang”.

So i texted her the recipe and a detailed cooking instruction for her to follow.  This is my usual pasta with pork/beef in white sauce recipe. It’s simple and easy, there’s no need to make any roux.  It’s a delicious and creamy pasta dish yet it won’t easily get you cloyed due to it’s garlicky flavor


Pasta noodles  – 400 to 500 g.

Ground pork or beef – 500 g.

mushroom, sliced – 1 tall can

garlic, chopped – 7 to 10 cloves

onion, diced – 1 medium size

bacon, fried and diced – 200 g.  (optional)

butter or vegetable oil – 2 tbsp

evaporated milk – 250 ml

all purpose cream (heavy cream)- 100 ml

cornstarch –  3tbsp

water  – 1 to 2 cups

salt & pepper to taste

Sharon’s Herb Blend to taste

Only use cooking oil without any strong flavor. Butter is better as it’s flavor with the milk and cream blends better making the sauce creamier. Olive oil, soya oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, or any other vegetable oil can also be used.

Cooking Procedure:

1) Cook pasta noodles as directed on its package label.

2) Saute garlic in oil until it becomes translucent.  Never ever toast the garlic or leave it long on a hot oil as it will give a bitter and acerbic taste. Add the meat and let it simmer ’till the meat is cooked. Add the onion, herb blend, pepper, and mushroom; continue mixing.

3) Pour the milk, cream, and water on the mixture.  Stir.

4) Dissolve the cornstarch a small amount of cold water then pour it on the mixture. Continue stirring the sauce until it boils and thickens.

5) Add salt.  Add half cup of water if you want a lighter consistency otherwise add more cornstarch (dissolved in water) until you reach the right consistency you prefer.

6) For added flavor, you can put crispy fried bacon, diced.

You can mix the pasta and sauce before you serve or serve them separately. Top it with Parmessan. Enjoy the pasta.

-Sharosem (28August2010)