myFresha-licious: Tips to Boost Brain Power

Tips to Boost Brain Power

Browsing the net (to keep my self busy) I caught this interesting blog posted on on how to keep your brain in shape and boost its power. I did a little digging on the topic and most of them shared the same common tips and now I am sharing them with you. To a more powerful and optimized brain without the dope and surgery, read on:

1) Relax and distress : Indulge yourself in simple pleasures to loosen up both the mind and body. Do things that you love in order to avoid stress. One highly recommended way to dissolve stress, which I will be trying tonight, is to listen to music like classical, jazz, and other soft music especially right before sleeping. Others recommend to do meditation – yoga perhaps. For me, I jog to sweat out. That relieves my mind fatigue and it really is very physically relaxing and refreshing.

2) Rest it : get enough sleep of at least 7-9 hours a day (it’s highly recommended in most of the studies I read) Sleeping less than 6 hours a day accelerates brain cell decay.

3) Feed it : the brain is like a supercomputer that needs a lot of fuel. Here’s what to and what not to eat and drink

What to:

– Drink lots of apple juices – eat as much fat you can everyday. Who said fatty foods are bad? Of course we just have to feed our brain with good fats, unsaturated fatty acids (omega 3) like those found in salmon, nuts and seeds. Walnuts and almonds are highly recommended. Granola is good

– eat food high in lecithin, like whole wheat, as it helps prevent hardening of the arteries that impairs the brain.

– Take vitamin B complex to strengthen memory power as well as Vitamins E & C.

– eat high in fiber food to get rid of that toxins on your body

What not to:

– no to high sugar intake to avoid “brain fog”, memory loss and other neurotic disorders

– overeating at night. always eat light before you go to bed in order to get a good night sleep.

– No to toxic substances like alcohol, narcotic drugs, nicotine, too much caffeine, and many medications as they decrease blood flow to the brain. Low blood flow to the brain means insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain and thus it decreases the brain activity and even result to faster brain cell decay. Caffeine when taken in small amount though is a good brain stimulant.

4) Let it work : Use it more. Use it often. Exercise your brain, play with it, and use it everyday. Learn new and difficult stuff or engage in activities to keep the neurons going. Best recommended and which I see more often in the articles I read is to learn a new language. Play word puzzles and Sudoku (my new craze)

5) Develop Imagination : Day dreaming in this case is not bad at all :-) It says and I quote Shilpan Patel, If we develop a vivid and colorful imagination that can be linked to a known object, that which involve all the senses – touching, feeling, smelling, hearing and seeing in the imagination process, you can remember greater details of the event.

6) Avoid Negative thoughts : negative thoughts leads to depression and anxiety thus making you do bad and lousy things. Happy and positive thoughts have calming and relaxing effect not only on the mind but also on the whole body thereby optimizing the functioning of the brain.

7) Have sex : in an article I read, it claimed that sexual contact with a partner at least once a week led to more fertile, regular menstrual cycles, shorter menses, delayed menopause, increased estrogen levels, and delayed aging among women. Enhancing estrogen levels for women through regular sexual activity enhances overall brain activity and improves memory. So the more often you make love the smarter you get.

So my Dear Frederick, I want you here. I need you hear (*wink *wink)

– Sharosem (28May2010)