myFresha-licious: Baked Macaroni

Baked Macaroni

Makoy and Ais usually cook this.  I just do the cheese sauce which is used as toppings coz I’ve never been fond of sweet pasta sauces Filipino’s are used to.  But I have my own sweet & sour pasta sauce that I usually use for baked macaroni or spaghettie with red sauces.  And of course the highlight of this dish is on the cheese topping.

Ingredients :

1. Macaroni or elbow macaroni of your choice – 600-750 g

2.  Sweet and sour pasta meat Sauce:

–          Ground beef  – 500 g

–          Mushroom (diced) – 2 tall cans

–          Red and green bell pepper – 1 pc each

–          Garlic (chopped) – 7 cloves

–          Onion (diced) – 1 pc

–          Tomato sauce – 500 ml

–          Water – 250 ml

–          cornstarch

–          Sugar to taste

–          Salt to taste

–          Basil (as desired)

–          Rosemary (as desired)

–          MSG, pepper, paprika

–          Beef cubes – 2pcs or 2tbsp beef powder

 3. Sharon’s Cheese Sauce :

–          salted butter –   125 g.

–          All purpose flour – 3-4 tbsp / 80-100 g

–          Evaporated milk – 250 ml

–          Heavy cream – 125 ml

–          Cheddar cheese – 125 g.

–          Knor chicken seasoning – 1 cube / 2 tsp powder

–          nutmeg

Cooking Procedure :

1)     Cook Pasta as directed in its package (add oil)

2)     Sharon’s Sweet and sour pasta meat Sauce:

–          Saute garlic and onion then add beef. Let it cook. Add the bell peppers then the mushroom.  Let it simmer.

–          Add the Tomato sauce, then water and stir. Dilute the cornstarch in cold water then add to the mixture add cornstarch as necessary until you get your desired thickness of the sauce.  Add the rest of the ingredients. Stir  constantly. Let it simmer.

3)     Sharon’s Cheese Sauce :

–          Making the Roux: On a separate saucepan on a very low heat, melt butter then add the flour and mix well. Continue mixing for about 2-3 minutes to take out the taste of the flour. For white or light colored cheese sauce, cook the roux on very low fire so that it will turn brown.  For a yellower color, cook it on very low then slowly turn to low fire until roux is slightly brown.

–          After making the roux, add the evaporated milk and heavy cream, knor seasoning, and nutmeg while whisking/stirring.  Cook under low fire.

–          Add cheese and stir continuously until you reach the right consistency of the cheese (it should be thick but flowy)

4)     Mix the pasta sauce and the macaroni and pour it on a baking pan.  Flatten the surface.

5)     Spread the cheese sauce on top of the macaroni.

6)     Bake until the cheese sauce turns brown

– Sharosem (19July2009)