myFresha-licious: Kare Kareng Pata

Kare Kareng Pata

Kare kare is an original Filipino recipe that is made from peanut sauce, a variety of vegetables and meat variants.  Usually, kare kare is cooked with oxtail, beef, or tripe. But since my stomach hates beef as it has troubles digesting it, I always cook using pork, pork legs and trotters to be specific.  I just love how the skin and the fat melts inside my mouth with the creamy and nutty taste of the peanut sauce (drooling)  Kare kare is my comfort food 🙂

Here’s the recipe 🙂


Pork legs and trotter (pata ng baboy)

Onion & garlic


string beans


puso ng saging

Peanut butter (I prefer the unsweetened)

ground rice, to thicken (or any thickeners)

fish sauce

salt & pepper to taste

atswete (to give an orange color)

Cooking Procedure:

1)in a pressure cooker, saute’ the pork, garlic and onion.  Add water just enough to cover the meat.  Boil the pork in the pressure cooker until the meat is tender (I usually cook it for at least 20 minutes from the moment the the cooker starts to whistle).

2) Put the atswete seeds in a net bag and submerge it in the pork broth and let if boil.

3) Add the vegetables and let boil for at least 2minutes.

4) Scoop out the vegetables and the bag of atswete and set aside.

5) season with fish, salt, and pepper to taste.

6) Add the at least 7 tbsp of peanut butter. mix well with the broth. then add the ground rice (or cornstarch) and continue to stir until the sauce is thick for your liking.

7) Serve with the vegetables on top.